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Brock Estes

I was born and raised in the Black Hills and grew up loving the outdoors and sports. I played multiple sports throughout my life and was fortunate enough to have played baseball in college.  After college I dove into the sales world and have been in sales for a total of 6 years. I love meeting new people, and being able to help a homeowner in need is extremely rewarding.

  1. Hobbies & Interests: Golf, Sports, Hunting.
  2. My burning desire is to: Raise a family as well as my parents did.
  3. Something no one knows about me: In the 8th grade I was the only kid left on the bus when we rolled the bus into a ditch (no one was hurt).
  4. My key to success is: Communication
  5. Best childhood memory: Playing baseball on ESPN.
  6. Spouse/significant other: Jenna Olson
  7. Children: no
  8. Pets: Carl/Carli