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Who We Are

smiling man with short black hair and thin rimmed glasses

Cole Returns From Scout

Project Manager

  1. Hobbies & Interests: big sports guy… Atlanta Braves, Washington capitals, Philadelphia Eagles, and LA Lakers.
  2. Something no one knows about me: I love Mint Chocolate and Coconut
  3. My key to success is: My drive for success and perfection 
  4. Best childhood memory: Attending a Laker/Timberwolves game watching Kobe in his rookie year
  5. Spouse/significant other: Karissa Ehnes
  6. Children: 5 – Kaidyn 17, Abryanah 15, Mikyla 12, Zyllur 11, Eastyn 7
  7. Pets: Stasia 7, Cupcake 3