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Weather-Tite Exteriors is a general contractor who specializes in residential and commercial roof replacement and exterior restoration and remodeling. We have residential and commercial roofing teams, siding teams, window teams, decking/carpentry teams, a gutter team, and a service department for repairs.

Keystone is a quaint town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. With roughly 240 year-round residents, the town really thrives during the tourist seasons (i.e. summer). Founded in 1883 as a mining settlement, Keystone became one of the richest gold-mining areas in the Black Hills. However, like many mining towns back then, the town started struggling as mining became less profitable. The town struggled to stay alive through the logging industry but finally came back to life in 1942 with the construction of Mt. Rushmore. Keystone became the ‘home of the carvers’ as most workers lived in Keystone during construction. 

Today, Keystone is a tourist hub primarily during spring and summer leaving the winters relatively quiet. With millions of visitors every year, Keystone is now a playground in the Black Hills for all ages. Many visit the town to see the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial but often find plenty of other fun activities as well. From rollercoasters to fresh rivers, there is tons to do in Keystone. 

Keystone is somewhat tucked in the Black Hills, giving it a higher elevation and exposure to more elements. The area as a whole typically experiences harsher weather conditions then say Rapid City. Keystone has had over 60 reports of significant hail by trained spotters in the last year alone. Additionally, the town has also had over 35 severe weather warnings in the same timeframe. The town of Keystone is known to have some crazy weather changes as well, going from 60 and sunny one minute and then pouring frozen mix the next minute. 

If you are looking to move to or are moving to move to Keystone, SD, consider Weather-Tite for all your roofing, siding and decking needs. As a locally owned business, we understand what is takes to care for our fellow citizens. We are proud of our foundation and look forward to providing premium services for Keystone and the whole of Black Hills. 

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