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Who We Are

We believe better building creates better living. We restore trust in the contracting experience by taking care of people, restoring their property, and improving lives.

Project Managers

Nick Hildebrand

Project Manager

Tom Chandler

Project Manager

Clay Dillon

Project Manager

Greg Maher

Project Manager

Dain Johnson

Project Manager

Brock Thomas

Project Manager

Garrett Wolff

Project Manager

Sam Wolff

Project Manager

Management & Support

Caleb Stanley

Director of Sales

Desi Van Dam

Director of Finance & Administration

Philip Morgan

Director of Production

Hillary Chandler

Customer Experience Manager

Melvin Hollow Horn Bear

Roofing / Service Specialist

Dolton Lewis

Warehouse Manager / Marketing Coordinator

Khayen Johnson

Service Lead

Derek Wilson

Roofing Superintendent

Keith Tocci

Service Manager

Isaiah Beaudreaa

Service Specialist

Maci Frederick

Customer Experience Representative

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