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Garrett Wolff

Hi there, my name is Garrett Wolff, just turned 35 years old. I was born and raised in Rapid
City. I Graduated from Stevens High School. I attended a junior college in Idaho for 2 years, then a
university in Texas for another 2 years. I also had the privilege to play baseball during those years. I
graduated with my business management degree.
After college, I jumped into the sales world. Starting off in the oil & gas industry with transitioning into
the construction/roofing industry.
Hobbies & Interests: Sports, hunting, hanging out with family & friends.
My burning desire is to: Succeed in life.
Something no one knows about me: I’m partially color blind
My key to success is: that I’m very detail-oriented.
Best childhood memory: Playing some sort of sport or doing some sort of activity with all my brothers
Children: No
Pets: French bulldog named Tyson

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