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Is there a hail proof roof??

    Hail proof roof in Rapid City SD

    Watch inventor launch a huge ice cannon - with no damage!

    We've seen this product withstand softball size hail!

    Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages are caused by hail alone. These damages primarily come in the form of vehicular damage and roofing damage. According to an article by Bob Vila, the average American spends close to $11,000 on hail damage repair on their roofs.

    Luckily, Euroshield has developed one of the most exciting roofing technologies in recent memory, and only Weather-Tite has been installing it for almost a decade. 

    What Are Euroshield Roofs?

    • Made from recycled tires
    • Elegant look of slate or shake
    • Gets you max discounts on insurance premiums
    • Excellent 50 year warranty
    • 130 MPH wind rating
    • Virtually hail proof

    Euroshield set out to develop a durable roofing solution that would not only stand the test of time, and shield your home from hail damage, but also is extremely environmentally friendly. Euroshield roofs are manufactured from 95% recycled materials with many of the materials deriving from recycled tires. The Euroshield roofing lineup is completely eco-friendly meaning that the roofs do not harm the environment and are sustainable – avoid the depletion of natural resources to maintain ecological balance. The rubber used in Euroshield roofs are made from rubber tires that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill thus giving the materials another chance to be useful.

    Need a roofer in the Black Hills to repair your hail damage to your roof?

    The Euroshield roofs are warrantied for hailstones two inches in diameter (about the size of an egg) or less without suffering damage for up to 50 years. However, they have created further hail-proofing solutions that are meant to withstand the impact of hailstones up to four inches in diameter (about the size of a softball). Additionally, each roof is not only meant to withstand hail but also heat, wind, rain and snow. This means Euroshield is perfect for your home! 

    An average roof saves 300-500 tires from the landfill!

    Why is Euroshield's Rubber Roofing The Best Protection Against Hail?

    Euroshield rubber roofing is the best protection for your home’s roof for a variety of reasons. To start, their roofing panels have achieved the highest hail-proof rating in the industry (UL2218 Class 4 for Impact). All Euroshield products are tested at independent labs recognized by the CCMC, ICC, and QAI. 

    Hail proof roof in rapid city sd, hail resistant rubber roofing

    Additionally, all their products qualify for the maximum insurance discounts available while also pushing their products beyond the industry-standard testing by giving all products an unbeatable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Do You Need Euroshield Roofing?

    Many homes have even had their roofs completely replaced multiple times within 5 years. One local has had their roof replaced 5 times since 2001 and finally discovered Euroshield roofs. She continued to state that “It is warm in the winter. It is cool in the summer. It is quiet. And I really love that snow does not fall off of it.” What more can you ask for?

    Another local had this to say: “We had asphalt shingles when we moved and we had golf ball-sized hail for about 5-10 minutes that destroyed our roof. We didn’t want to replace our roof every year and so we ended up with this [Euroshield roofing]. We get really strong winds up here. We had a 115 mph wind last winter and it is night and day the difference with the sound of the wind with this roof compared to the asphalt shingles.”

    At Weather-Tite, we have experienced that the average age of a shingle that we remove is only 7 years old. When we are changing someone’s roof 2-3 times in a single summer season, that is not good for anyone. Repeat customers are great but needing to replace a roof that many times in such a short span of time is just not right.

    Certain areas can often experience up to softball-sized hailstones which can demolish entire communities if not properly prepared. Euroshield roofs give customers the peace of mind that their roof is not only going to protect them from hail damage for the season but for many seasons to come without having to worry about cosmetic damage either. Euroshield really is one of the best roofing products to come around in recent years and we believe that more people need to learn and experience Euroshield roofs.

    With Euroshield Roofs you are receiving 95% recycled content, superior wind protection, unmatched hail protection, an unbeatable warranty, and a North American-made product! You are paying for the ultimate protection against weather but investing in a lifetime of quality! Each roof is going to give you the protection, comfort, and peace of mind you deserve!

    Ready To Hail Proof Your Roof?

    If you are ready to take your roofing to the next level and save a lifetime of money, contact us
    today! We stand by the Euroshield roofing products, so let us show you why!